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Silver Dip

Goddard's is the best recommended product for keeping your Amanda Hagerman silver and vermeil jewelry looking beautiful.

Use this product in the case that a mild tarnish develops. Use only on silver or vermeil.

The dip is also safe to use on most non-porous stones. If you're unsure, please contact Amanda. Avoid using this product on pearls at all times.To clean a pearl piece, use a Q-tip to apply the cleaner onto the metal, carefully avoiding the pearl and rinse.

To Use:

1) Wearing gloves, submerge the piece into the dip for just a few seconds
 2)Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
 and a small dab of dawn dish soap 3) Dry extremely well with a soft cloth 4) two-toned or layered pieces, including prong set stones, it is recommended to spray all nooks and crannies of the piece with canned air in order to assure no moisture gets trapped between layers 5) Keep clean pieces stored in an anti-tarnish pouch

Ships within 3-5 business days, unless purchased with a made-to-order piece. In that case, it will ship when the piece ships.