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18K Solid Gold

All Amanda Hagerman Jewelry is made using solid 18K yellow gold due to its higher purity (75% pure gold) and beautiful glowing luster. It is an investment with high durability that lasts forever, and has great intrinsic value. Due to its higher purity, 18K gold will likely not cause skin irritations due to metal allergies. Tarnish is also not an issue. Solid gold is the superior option if you prefer a gold tone.

Care: Clean jewelry with a mild dish soap, water, and very soft toothbrush. To maintain the satin finish, avoid polishing cloths. To keep your jewelry in tip top shape, remove when: performing high impact activities, gardening, working with chemicals (i.e., household cleaners), sleeping, swimming, & applying hairspray, serums, & lotions. Over time, exposure to pool chlorine will weaken gold and cause it to become brittle. Keep pieces stored in a soft dry place, free from scratching against other jewelry.