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Giving Back

My Process

So often we see things mass produced by machine. Millions of cookie cutter items that fray our appreciation of artisan made objects and skilled craftsmanship. My work is not machine-made perfect and I believe there is great beauty in that. Behind each piece there is careful consideration, intention, time, honesty, and soul.

The process distinguishes my work. I stand for the slow made item that is worked by hand from start to finish. I celebrate the Maker’s mark and the play in artistic exploration. Because each piece is individually handcrafted, no two are ever precisely the same. 

Each design begins as a drawing on paper. Once finalized, I set to work at my studio bench. In the studio, a combination of lost wax casting and fabrication is utilized to create the work. I love using lost wax casting for many reasons. It’s an old-world technique dating back to over 5700 years ago and an art in itself. The wax is malleable and allows me to manipulate surfaces in order to achieve the textures I desire. Other details of my work are individually hand fabricated by cutting sheet metal, forging wire, soldering prongs, jump rings and bezels, etc.

After casting and/or fabrication, all work is finalized with a satin finish. The work is created exclusively in solid 18k gold. For more information about the materials click here. Any prefabricated components used in my work (fine chain, ear nuts) are made in America.

Old World Techniques

These one-of-a-kind studs, like all of my designs, are created in-house using the lost wax casting process mentioned above.

I love working with my hands and I want my jewelry to show it.