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Ring Sizer

Prior to ordering a ring, it is important that you have an accurate size. Not sure what your ring size is? This finger gauge will help you find out!

Ring sizer measures sizes 0-13 (US Standard) including half sizes. Half sizes are indicated by the dash (-) next to the number. 

To find your accurate ring size, measure your finger multiple times a day over a few days. Hands are typically warmer and fingers more swollen in the evenings. The best fit is ultimately what is most comfortable to you and should fit snug enough that it won't easily come off. I'm happy to accommodate 1/4 sizes (between half size increments). Reach out prior to placing your order if you feel a 1/4 size may be best for you.

Please note, if you plan to stack multiple rings, you will need to slightly bump up your ring size. For example, if you're purchasing the Narrow Crest Ring Set of 5, and measure a size 7 for the intended finger, I recommend purchasing the set in a 7 1/2.

This sizer provides a truly accurate representation of each ring size. I do not recommend using a thread, paper, or plastic wrap finger gauge to determine ring size prior to ordering Amanda Hagerman Jewelry as these methods do not provide as accurate of a measurement. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding ring size.

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