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The Sweetest Gold Heart Hoops



This week's Fresh Look is a gold heart hoop that's perfect in size, interesting to the eye, and versatile to wear. Seriously, they are so easy to throw on... Very lightweight and they get so many compliments!

This week we are looking at my Textured Heart Hoops

Individually handcrafted in solid gold, these hoop earrings are heirloom quality and so much fun to wear. Luxury and love wrapped all in one small little package. This pair is a great addition to your hoop collection and is perfect for everyday wear. They truly are unique and unlike so many other hoop earrings.

Come get ready with me and watch me try them on in today's short episode linked above!

Shop the Jewelry in today's look:

Bracelet:  Mini Rocky Textured Heart Bracelet

Earrings:  Medium Textured Heart Hoops 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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