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Farewell Designs

Farewell designs are discontinued and no longer in production, but still looking for a lovely home. All farewell design sales are final.
Thin Many Mountain Bangle from $104.00 USD $310.00 USD
Narrow Crest Bangle $124.00 USD $310.00 USD
Thin Rocky Ridge Bangle from $124.00 USD $310.00 USD
Majestic Ridge Bangle from $176.00 USD $590.00 USD
Double Druzy Ridge Dangle Earrings $210.00 USD $350.00 USD
One-of-a-Kind Layered Mountain Rings $236.00 USD $590.00 USD
One-of-a-Kind Gravel Mound Ring $280.00 USD $700.00 USD
Astrophyllite Stud Earrings $360.00 USD $600.00 USD
One-of-a-Kind Mountain & Druzy Necklace $800.00 USD $2,000.00 USD