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A June Color Story

Hello Lovely,

This month I've been busy carefully designing and sculpting
a small batch of one-of-a-kind pieces that are dropping early July in my online shop.

A little context for this series of pieces... My husband Adam and I have been planning to take a trip to Italy to celebrate our upcoming 15 year anniversary. With a lot going on at the moment in our lives, we aren't exactly sure when the trip will officially happen, but needless to say, I've had Italy on my mind... a lot.

The summer months have me especially thinking of coastal Italy, and in particular the beautiful island region of Sardinia. The cool dark wash of ocean... earthen shades of sand and rock... pops of green vegetation... reflections from your Aperol spritz glistening in the sun... all of this has inspired the gem selection and overall vibe for my latest works.

To first begin my pieces, I carefully sculpt a custom setting from a block of wax for each stone. 

Soon, I will further embellish these wax settings with more wax to complete the entirety of the design.

Here are several of the gems that will be featured in my upcoming design drop along with their carved wax settings...


I cannot wait to share the finished pieces with you at the end of the month. If you see a gem you'd like more information on to possibly claim as your own... please send me an email.

To see more in progress sneak peeks, be sure to tune into my Instagram Stories.



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