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A Long Diamond Necklace



This Friday's fresh look is a long diamond necklace with sparkle and charm…my One-of-a-Kind Textured Oval & Diamond Necklace.

I love making unique pieces like this that embody the familiar warmth of the maker’s mark. The experiences attached to the jewelry we wear are intimate, therefore I feel the creation and aura of each piece should be intimate as well. Creating these delicate treasures for you is truly a gift. Thank you for being a part of my creative journey!

The necklace is crafted in solid 18K yellow gold and features a glimmering shield shaped rustic diamond. The closure for this necklace is a delicate textured hook that displays really nicely down closer to the pendant.

Between the lovely textures and sparkle of the diamond, this one-of-a-kind piece will never look dull and is always fun to wear.

My favorite thing about this piece is the length and scale of the piece. It looks great on its own, yet has the flexibility to layer with other pieces. I particularly love the shield shaped diamond. It has a pretty color that is complimented nicely by the gold and tons of sparkle.

See all the lovely details of today’s piece up close and personal in this short episode…including how I layer it with a bunch of other pieces! 

See how I styled today's look below:

Shop the Jewelry in today's look:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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