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Saying Goodbye To Silver!



Today's Fresh Look Friday is all about saying goodbye to silver! Starting today, ALL silver in my shop is officially discontinued! 

ALL current Farewell Designs (discontinued & discounted) will leave my shop for good after Monday 9/6/21, including the newly added silver pieces… Which means this Labor Day Weekend is the LAST opportunity to purchase anything currently in the Farewell section of my online shop.

I’m so excited to be moving forward in ALL gold, predominantly solid gold. I’ve always dreamed of being a goldsmith… and I’ve been inching my way toward that goal from the start. You may see itty bits of silver occasionally thrown in if I’m in the mood to create something two-toned. Or maybe not. I guess it depends on the mood I’m in.

This weekend is IT for what is currently discontinued… so if there is something included that you’d like at the 60% off rate, get it before Monday. After that I’m scrapping the pieces for fresh metal.

Shop ALL Farewell Designs HERE.

Have a great weekend!



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