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Discontinued Silver & Vermeil Rings!



For today's Fresh Look I'm releasing a NEW batch of Farewell ring designs.

A Farewelldesign is discontinued and no longer in production... which means it's generously discounted. I have a limited quantity of these designs. Once they're gone they're gone, so act fast if you see something you like!

I've been transitioning into working mostly in solid gold, which is why I've been slowly discontinuing all silver and many vermeil designs. 

I may revive a few designs in solid gold. In the meantime... If you see something that you'd like in solid gold, feel free to email me for a price quote.

Watch today's episode to see details of the rings up close and what they look like on. I have a variety of sizes ranging from 5.5 - 9. Sizes are indicated in product listings.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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