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Gold Twist Hoop Earrings



A fresh NEW gold twist hoop earring!

Today’s Fresh Look features one of my new mainstay designs… and I’m completely smitten with how these turned out. A little bit about this design…

…As I’ve mentioned before, my work plays with the balance of raw and refined that we see so often in nature. This past spring while tending to my garden, I found myself in awe of how my clematis vine was so clever at climbing up its trellis. Each little new sprig carefully wrapped and twisted around whatever it could cling to, with such precision. I’m fairly certain that is where the twist entered my subconscious. This concept of a twist fluttered and buzzed around in my mind until we arrived at this concept. My Twist and Rail designs (the hoops also have a matching bracelet and necklace).

The earrings are crafted in solid 18k gold… and because they are each individually handcrafted there will be subtle differences from pair to pair.

The earrings have beautiful detailing with a delicate twist that transitions into a simple rail…all with a lightly textured surface. They are delicate and sleek, classic and timeless.

I love the fact that these hoops are large, yet fine…and the detailing on them just makes them extra special. The twist catches the light so nicely, and they dangle so comfortably from your ears. They are perfect for the lady looking to add a staple hoop to her fine jewelry collection.

It’s always important to me to design pieces with practicality while also presenting them with a special handcrafted touch & designer charm. I hope you find these new designs to be a as lovely as I do! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

See how I styled today's look below:


Shop the Jewelry in today's look:

Bracelets:   Twist & Rail Bracelet
Have a wonderful weekend!

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