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Discontinued Silver & Vermeil Bangles!



For today's Fresh Look episode I'm highlighting the current Farewell bracelets in my collection.

A Farewell design is discontinued and no longer in production... which means it is generously discounted.

Watch today's episode to see the details of the bracelets up close and what they look like on. 

Once these are gone they are gone, so act fast if you see something you like!

Not sure how to measure for a bangle bracelet? Here's how!

Bangle Bracelets are actually measured by the largest part of your hand, not your wrist because you have to get it over your hand in order to put it on.
How to find your bangle diameter:
Step 1: To find the largest part of your hand, bend your thumb into your pinky (just as you would to slip on a bracelet). 
Step 2: Using a tape measure, find the circumference of the widest part of your hand (fairly snug).
Step 3: Divide that measurement by 3.14, this will give you a diameter that will fit.
For example, my hand measures 7 inches when measured pretty snug. That divided by 3.14 is 2.23, which is rough 2 1/4". That is the smallest I would go in diameter for a bangle. If I wanted my bangle to fit a little looser, I would simply not measure quite as snug with the tape measure around my hand.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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