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Stoned Enamel Stud Earrings Perfect for Every Day



For this week's Fresh Look Friday we are taking a closer look at a pair of stoned enamel stud earrings perfect for every day.

These are my One-of-a-Kind White Stoned Enamel Gem Studs. The earrings are solid 18K gold and feature handcrafted gems of white porcelain enamel over fine silver. This is a design I can recreate, but the shape and look of each enameled gem is different with each pair.

The enamel is stoned down to a beautiful soft velvety matte finish…with little flacks of fine silver peeking through. The settings are custom crafted around the enamel and feature my signature ridged prongs.

You may have noticed me wearing this pair in several fresh look episodes. Much like a great pair of pearl studs, they offer that nice pop of white next to your face that brightens you up. I find myself reaching for this pair all of the time! They go with every outfit I wear.

What I love most about them Is the soft, almost eggshell like finish of the enamel with the little specks of silver showing. They are super unique with that raw yet refined aesthetic I love so much.

See how I styled them below:  

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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